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Hello and welcome to the Madcap's Club. I hope that you will see it this way.
  Is a wedding a party or a pizza? Even if I prefer pizza, a wedding is a party! With that in mind, let's open the album and have some fun! A little happiness doesn't hurt anyone and is therapeutic in most cases…

  When I started in 1984, it wasn't easy for mothers and mothers-in-law to swallow the less than immaculate images of their little dolls, but little by little, I was able to create a large portfolio of these little dolls and my collection certainly outdoes the typical wedding photos where brides and grooms are stiff and restricted as are their counterparts on the top of the cake.

  Now it is those same mothers, aunts, and grandmothers who lead their little dolls to me, excitedly anticipating the probable results, knowing that my photos are never vulgar or exaggerated and are taken unobtrusively.

  I am not a salesman but a real photographer. And since in your album there will be photos in the place of beautiful words, let's go directly to the images.
  If the photos displayed in this site then pique your interest, I invite you to see others...ahh, but it would take forever to see them all.

  So, jokes aside, after viewing my portfolio, you will be assured of the quality of my work. However, in order to assure you that this site's photos are not simply honey for the bees, and to see what awaits you, I urge you to see at least 400-500 of my images and perhaps some albums in the making.

  Vanity aside, if your wedding day is fantastic, there will only be photos and/or a video to make it unforgettable.

  A beautiful picture is never out of style! ...
                                                     ... Reflect on this!

  Many kisses, a pinch for good luck and may your wishes come true in the best of ways! And, if you decide to visit me, please call me in advance so that I can be prepared for you.

                                                       Mario Carò


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